The Joy Of Painting

The philosophy behind making a painting is to express our emotions freely in the form of visual arts. This will help us achieve a state of bliss and we may be able to let go the materialistic world.

As I grew up learning the ways of life, it was hard for me to express my feelings in words which effectually made me an introvert. As there was a lot inside me which was unexpressed I began to struggle and I began to introspect. In this process I became more observant and began to realise that I don’t belong to this materialistic world.

Nature became my first love and so I made a safe place for myself. I started painting my emotions in colours and different moods of nature and its surroundings. The beauty of nature became my best friend which gave me good vibes.

I could feel nature… touch and smell it.. whether it was a breeze, or a thunderstorm, or smell of wet soil in monsoon it all became my play mate. Gradually I discovered that landscape painting gave me peace and calmness. Painting bought clarity in my thought process.

Through the art of painting, I discovered that nothing is above humanity and being humble and empathetic is what the world needs more today. Through my paintings I could give something to this world which is ‘inner peace with your own self’. I hope I remain the same person I am today and continue to fill some colours in people's life through my paintings. Maybe we all will find some amount of peace in the world of this beautiful form of art , as I could find for myself.

By Imran Beg ( Alumni JJ College Of Arts, Mumbai & NIFT Delhi)

Artist, Designer & Lecturer