B.Arch ( NATA & JEE 2 ) Coaching In Delhi

Education occupies a key place and works as a powerful catalyst for raising the intelligence know how of an individual.

We are aware of this enormous impact and lay great stress on education, quality one at that too.

Learning with us is never a tiresome or a boring session, but is Stimulating, Interesting and Educative.

"The Whole Art of Design is in the Art Of Observation..but to educate the eye to see, the ear to hear, and to make a beginning, is the Art of Designing Designers"

Notification By Council Of Architecture ( COA)

Classroom Practices

  To emphasise our reliance on quality education we ensure that:

  • We have only 10-12 students at a time for each Class/Course. This ensures greater interaction with each student and makes them more involved in the subject topic and enable them to achieve better clarity and thinking of their doubts and views.
  • We hold periodic mock, Aptitude and psychological test to assess our student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  • We encourage our students to come up with their doubts.
  • Computer Aided Learning is used so that students can develop a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Special emphasis on Observation and Visualisation enhancement skills.


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NATA 2019 Exam Information

NATA 2018 & NATA 2019 BROCHURE (CLICK LINK- http://www.nata.in/NATA2018-Brochure.pdf)

Click the Link Below For Easy Information:


NATA, 2018 and NATA 2019 Examination Pattern

The examination pattern is the most crucial part of the admission process as the score decides whether a candidate will get the admission in the institute or not. Here are all the key details about the examination pattern:


Mode of Exam: The exam will be held through ONLINE mode for the MCQ parts. Drawing Exam (Part B will be Paper Based)

Duration: The duration of the exam will be three hours (10:30 AM to 1:30 PM).

Type of Question: The question of Mathematics & General Aptitude will be multiple choice questions and Part B will be answered on A4 size drawing sheets.

No. of Questions: Total 60 questions will be asked in the examination.

Total Marks: The question paper will be of 200 marks.


Computerised Mock Tests for NATA 2019 & JEE2 B.ARCH 2019 can be taken with us . Please contact 9818541252 for an appointment / test date.

JEE Paper 2 Information

Dear Student,

Here are the answers to some questions asked on our website about JEE 2018-2019.
  1. Paper 1 and Paper 2 of JEE are totally SEPARATE. The marks are used separately.
  2. Paper 2 and Paper 1 Marks are never added . 
  3. For IIT B.Arch you have to pass Paper 1 and NOT Paper 2.
  4. For NITs and SPAs you have to pass Paper 2 and NOT Paper-1
  5. Paper 2 Rank list is separate from Paper-1 mark rank list.
  6. Paper 2 rank list comes in July whereas Paper-1 rank list come in month of May.
  7. It is NOT necessary to write Paper-1 & Paper 2 both. If you want to study Architcture, only Paper-2 can be taken.
  8. Paper 2 marks are considered even if you cannot pass Paper-1.
  9. Paper-2 is in Hindi also , so Hindi medium students can also attempt easily.