Retail Design lies at the intersection of architecture, marketing, strategy and design of the built environment. The program takes an innovative and progressive approach to addressing design issues intrinsic to the evolution and transformation of retail environments. The course programme teaches you to design, furnish and manage retail stores within the fashion and lifestyle sector.

By further investigation into the subject of Interior Design, the learner  explores the design methodology and transfer of the philosophy of a fashion brand to a project in interiors.  Eventually with the analysis of materials and the use of digital techniques through 3D imaging, educational tools will be conveyed to allow the learner to translate the creative thinking in a real project.

Students can chose from four sub specialisations in the program- exhibition design, visual merchandising, museum design and design for retail. This unique specializations gives recruiters and students to opt from a range of job opportunities in both corporate and studio environments.
Retail students can be instrumental in designing brand spaces to large format events and exhibitions to production design for Bollywood blockbusters.