Advanced Interior Styling Course For Graduates

The Interior Styling Diploma is aimed at those wishing to learn the elements and principal components involved in decorating and styling development of a pre-existing space.  It will inspire and impart the necessary knowledge needed to move into a career in styling.

This Diploma teaches the essential aspects of Interior Styling, from initial brief to client presentation and how to develop an exciting yet functional space for both residential and commercial clients.

Learn how to create innovative and inspiring interiors

Have you ever walked into a room and said "wow". Our Interior Styling Diploma will explain how to create interiors that are innovative and inspiring.

The course expands on the understanding of colour and design and applies this to practical styling situations. 

Industry professionals share their insight into contemporary methods and provide practical advice on a range of areas including presentation skills and professional practice. You will work with realistic briefs to expand your creative problem solving skills, resulting in a sound knowledge of products and suppliers. Additionally, you will develop and enhance your ability to liaise with clients and provide them with a professional service, create an awareness of contemporary trends and use them in exciting new ways, present innovative solutions that go beyond client expectations, and gain technical and product knowledge essential to the industry.

Subject Areas

The Interior Styling Diploma teaches you:

  • The role of the interior stylist
  • Client analysis and expectations
  • Site visits, taking a brief and specifying, presenting concepts, invoicing and fees
  • Commercial and domestic clients
  • Setting up a reference file
  • Researching contacts and suppliers

Knowing the design industry

  • Creating reference files and visiting trade shows
  • Society memberships, interest groups, important decorators
  • Working with wholesalers and retail outlets
  • Window treatments and fabric wholesalers
  • Upholstery, accessories and trims; acquiring and hanging artworks.

Enhancing pre-existing spaces

  • Psychology and styling, mood and style development
  • Soft furnishings, furniture and furniture arrangement
  • Feng Shui and space manipulation, lighting and flooring
  • Introduction to colour consulting
  • Tone, texture and pattern
  • Working with architects and builders

Styling and decorating

  • Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Home office/home theatres
  • Family rooms
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Styling for children's needs
  • The hallway and entrances

Styling and trends

  • Overview of colour associations and colour forecasters
  • Historical/cultural background to styles
  • Existing and emerging styles - what's next?

The journey into business

  • Planning & profiling your business
  • Contracts, legal aspects of decorating, marketing and managing your creative business

Professional Outcomes

The Interior Styling Diploma will enable you to:

  • Become a stylist
  • Work on both residential and commercial properties
  • Become a member of the design industry
  • Establish your own interior styling business

Personal Outcomes

The Interior Styling Diploma is a rewarding personal experience that will:

  • Inspire you to work in the design industry
  • Enable you to create long lasting friendships and connections with like-minded people
  • Teach you how to interact confidently and creatively with fellow designers and industry professionals
  • Give you great pleasure and a sense of personal satisfaction in producing a portfolio for exhibition
  • Allow you to develop yourself creatively
  • Get to know your personal style