Established in 1962, The School of Architecture is nationally and internationally recognized as a prime School of Architectural Education. It is now under Faculty of Architecture. The issues underlying Modern Architecture in India and thereby Architectural Education itself, can be broadly discussed as: the relation between building and urban structure, the evolution of architecture of modernity rooted in the Indian tradition, and the need for theory as the basis of architectural practice, if practice is not to be mere construction. It is these issues that have formed the basic thrust of architectural education and directions at the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad. The specific issues of architectural education deal with the balance between development of mind, of sensitivity to the nature of architectural task relevant to our society and our time and the inculcation of skills to interpret them into the language of building. The Faculty of Architecture is part of a unique campus that has three other allied schools related to the built environment. In addition, a centre for the visual and plastic arts, a centre for science education and a centre for cultural activities also exist on the campus. The multi-disciplinary campus provides for opportunities for learning and exchanges beyond the limits of one’s own profession. Large part of the teaching faculty is sourced from the profession to ensure synergies between the academia and the practice. In addition to the five year Bachelor of Architecture program, Faculty of Architecture offers four masters programs in specialized areas, namely Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Theory & Design, and Settlement & Conservation.

Bachelor of Architecture

The Bachelors Programme offered is of five years duration leading to B.Arch Degree. The emphasis in the undergraduate programme has been to prepare a ‘generalist’ professional with strong analytical, communication and conceptualizing skills.

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